Gospel Music Television's 
World Premier Concert
of 2001

Little Jan with fan, Sondra

Little Jan with friend and fan, Anna Beck 

Reverend Ed Taylor, Tammy Faye Messner, Little Jan, Roe Messner and Keith Chamberlain.  Little Jan says they always have a fun time when they're together!!

(From left to right) Milton Beck, Tammy Faye Messner, Little Jan and Anna Beck who are special people in Little Jan's life.

Evie Karlsson with Little Jan

Tim Lovelace co-hosting with Little Jan during GMT.

Little Jan with the members of Cornerstone.  Crissinda, Michelle and Greg Collins.

Little Jan and special
 friend, Jerry Goff

Little Jan with sister,  Marie Cole who travels with Little Jan now, and good friend, Neil Pope

Ever heard of "The Radio Bible Hour?"  This is the man, Dr. J. Harold Smith, broadcaster.  Dr. Smith is 91 years old and still preaching The Radio Bible Hour ever day and preaching revivals!!

Little Jan with friend, Justin.  This guy says he's been listening to Wendy Bagwell and the Sunliters all his life.  If you hear him in concert, you'll know that he really loved Wendy's funnies....and this guy is just as funny!

Little Jan has fans big and small!!

GMT's Kenneth Seaton with Little Jan.  He also owns all the Family Inns across the southeast.  He is such a good friend!  Love you, Kenneth!
Thanks to Cornerstone for providing backup for Little Jan during the concert!  You guys sound great!!

Little Jan's smallest fan yet!!

Little Jan co-hosting with Pelle Karlsson

Little Jan co-hosting with Pelle Karlsson at GMT.

Can I get a hand over here, boys?!!

Special friend of mine, Lou Hildreth who you see on all the Gaither videos!

Earl Eleton and his beautiful wife, Janice with Little Jan.  (I love you, guys!)

Little Jan with long time singing friend, Evie Karlsson and her husband Pelle, who also co-hosted with Little Jan during the World Premier Concert. (Thank you for that powerful prayer!  Please continue!)

Special fan, Anna Maness

Little Jan with Judy Nelon at GMT

Now THIS is a Quartet!

Barbara Fairchild and husband, Roy with Little Jan.

Long time friend, David Kight, owner and producer
of Westwind music.  Thank you, David, for all you did
to get my tracks in order!

Jerry and Carolyn Kirksey, of
The Singing News,  long long time friends
with many more  years of friendship
 to come! (I love these people!)

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